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Hunger affects half the Yemeni population

Posted in Blog Entry in English by yemenity2010 on 19/07/2012

Saltah – a typical Yemeni lunch. Now the food crisis in the nation is rapidly getting worse, according to several sources like aid agencies and the United Nations.

One million children acutely malnourished. Hundreds of thousands facing starvation. That’s the food situation in Yemen, according to UNICEF. According to a UNICEF representative almost 60 percent of the children in the country suffer from chronic malnutrition, which makes Yemen the second worst place in the world in that respect, with only Afghanistan having a more severe situation. As reported by Al Jazeera English, several aid agencies believe this nation is ”on the brink of a humanitarian disaster”. For example, Joy Singhal of Oxfam claims that 44 percent, almost half of the population are suffering from hunger. In a country heavily dependent on imports of many basic foods, rising prices and ever higher unemployment are taking its toll. The turmoil and constant conflicts during the last year, have made an already difficult situation even more dire. Among those promising more aid to Yemen are The European Union, saying it will give an extra six million dollars to fight the food crisis.

Source: ”Malnutrition soars in conflict-ridden Yemen” / Al Jazeera English 16 July 2012

More on this can be found in a recent report from UN:s World Food Programme, titled ”The State of Food Security and Nutrition in Yemen – Comprehensive Food Security Survey 2012”. Some of its conclusions are that that the food prices have ”risen dramatically”, the poorest people are most vulnerable, one-quarter of all food is bought with borrowed money and that the civil unrest – not unexpectedly – are creating more problems in this area.

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