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Introducing: Ecuadorean Connection – A Journey Back in Time

Posted in Blog Entry in English, Tema: Latinamerika by yemenity2010 on 26/11/2012

A while ago I realized it has been 20 years since the first time I visited Ecuador, a country where I also worked more recently. The recollection made me go through files of my old non-digital photos (for those of you too young to remember, they did exist once upon a time) and converting them into a web-worthy format; i. e. selecting and scanning some of them. Which in turn brought more memories back to life from the four months I spent there in the fall of 1992, as a volunteer for a Swedish Christian youth organization, formerly known as Svenska Missionsförbundets Ungdom* – today known as Equmenia. There were two of us, traveling across the mountains back and forth, meeting people in the coastal area, the sierra and the Amazonian region. We used music as a tool, sometimes teaching our humble skills but mostly learning about the country and the culture while improving our Spanish speaking abilities in the process.

More on those details to come later on. Here are a few samples, or previews of coming attractions… A wall somewhere in the north of Ecuador (probably the province of Carchi) with a political message, obviously from the left side of the spectrum, celebrating the legendary Che Guevara. As I remember there had just had been, or was about to be presidential elections and slogans from different parties were not that uncommon. Second, parts of the capital Quito, as seen from the roof of a fairly tall building. It might have been the highrise where the Swedish embassy was back then, an embassy at that time about to be dismantled. For the last 20 years Sweden has settled for a consulate in Ecuador. The city (and country) has changed somewhat since then, by the way.

To Be Continued…

*Svenska Missionsförbundet used to be the equivalent of among others The Covenant Church in the US; recently it has merged with two other Swedish denominations (Baptists and Methodists).

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