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Dreaming of a white… Or what?

Posted in Blog Entry in English by yemenity2010 on 06/12/2012


– Well, on second thoughts… I think I’ll take a walk to work today. 

While warming up for the next round of flashbacks from the Andean region two decades ago, I’ll share some images from Sweden today. These days you never know if and how much snow you’ll get here in winter. It’s definitely more unpredictable than when I grew up – possibly depending on global warming – or ‘global weirding’ as someone called it a while back. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to get here. The Real Nordic Winter, for better or worse. Other years, though, the cold quite literally takes its grip on the country as a whole with recurrent cases of chaotic traffic situations and disruptions in the daily routines for people in general. Simultaneously, while inconvenient, it often also makes for a beautiful scenery.

Like these last days. The capital Stockholm is said to have been hit by severe snowstorms and here in the southwestern parts of Sweden we’ve had our share as well. In my present hometown Lidköping the snow control patrol was reportedly legally overworked and took a break yesterday when we had a quite intense downpouring from above. Schoolbuses and various public transportation systems shut down and many outdoor events were cancelled. Last night, the cleaning squad was, however, back in business and things started to get back to normal. Although still with an abundance of snow in the streets and, well, most everywhere. So will this be the regular face of winter this time around? Who knows. By Christmas, we could be back in autumn climate again, with grey skies and rainclouds hovering above instead. Maybe the Maya have an answer for that, like with the end of the world? Or, wait, they actually don’t claim to know when the apocalypse happens, even if some other interpreters seem to think so. I guess we will find out in roughly two weeks. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what to look for…


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