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2012 – Dangerous Year for Journalists Worldwide

Posted in Blog Entry in English by yemenity2010 on 28/12/2012

2012 was a difficult year for journalists worldwide, according to the latest annual report from Reporters Without Borders. In all, 88 journalists were killed in their line of duty, while 879 were arrested, 38 kidnapped and 73 had to flee their country. Also, bloggers and so called netizens were affected by the same challenges and risks. In that community there were casualties as well.

This means that 2012 was the worst year for journalists globally since the organization started surveying these statistics in 1995. It’s a 33 percent rise in fatalities compared to 2011. Especially in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, the situation has deteriorated. Sometimes these deaths occur while the reporters work in war zones, while other times it’s a question of assassinations carried out or ordered by extremists, organized crime organizations or corrupt officials. Syria, Somalia and Pakistan are among the worst places to be a journalist or news provider of other kinds today. Some cold hard numbers:

Syria: 17 journalists and 44 citizen-journalists killed in 2012

Somalia: 18 journalists killed

Pakistan: 10 journalists killed

Mexico: 6 journalists killed

Brazil: 5 journalists killed

In the cases of Mexico and Brazil, the targeting of reporters is usually connected to crime cartels, as in drug traffickers and their associates.

A number of reporters are also incarcerated by their governments, such as in China (maybe not that surprising) and Eritrea (not that unexpected either) but also in Turkey where actually more news providers are locked up than by either one of the other two, famously repressive regimes mentioned here. That is, unless you count so called netizens like bloggers and activists who are routinely monitored by the Chinese government. The situation in Iran has also become more difficult in that respect since the protest movement in 2009.

Other nations’ violations of free speech, maybe not so well known by the public in general, include Oman where 30 bloggers have been arrested to avoid something similar to the ‘Arab spring’ movement there; the Maldives where a sort of coup d’état was carried out; and increasing censorship in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Sudan.

Source: ”News Providers Decimated in 2012” by Reporters Without Borders. Full report available in for example English, Arabic, German and Swedish.



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