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Arms around America – Part 1

Posted in Blog Entry in English, Tema: Politik by yemenity2010 on 12/01/2013

– You are a very loud man…
– You are a hatchet man of the new world order!
– Alex, Alex, Alex… (trying to interrupt a flow of angry rants)
– The republic will rise again if you try to take our guns!
Or something like that. By chance I happened to turn on CNN the other day when Piers Morgan was about to debate the issue of gun violence in the US with an, indeed, very loud man called Alex Jones, one of apparently quite a few Americans who have signed a petition to have Mr Morgan deported. Morgan has come out in favour of more gun control, which for myself and, dare I say, probably a lot of people in Sweden – and Europe in general – seems a fairly reasonable idea. And from what I’ve seen of Mr Jones in this debate I wonder if even most debaters with a similar viewpoint think he does them a favour with this performance, even though he seems to have gathered a few facts of his own to support his claims that the US as a whole is a less violent place than for example Britain, and that’s because of, not in spite of, the higher rate of gun ownership in America.
– He seems unhinged to me, comments Morgan when Jones has left the studio and the conversation continues with Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz with whom he seems to agree on most issues involved.
And I have to say, I wouldn’t think I’d feel safe being around Alex Jones when he actually is armed…

This issue has been discussed on and off for a long time. And the perspectives are different on our side of the Atlantic, that’s obvious. The tradition of and attitude towards citizens carrying their own firearms are not the same. Well, of course in my country there are the hunting rifles brought out not least during the elk-hunting season. But you do need a license to carry those. And the rate of gun-related killings in Europe is, as most people are aware of, significantly lower in Europe (some 35 in Britain last year, according to Morgan) than in The US (where it’s more like 11 000 annually).

Well, many more informed people than I have weighed on the question of guns and America especially since the latest mass shooting, in a school just days before Christmas. Not least Americans; politicians, celebrities, activists… For some reason, most of them advocate some change in the system, questioning the wisdom of the laws as they are. Or maybe those are the ones that attracted my attention. It’s possible that I don’t watch Fox News enough…

Anyway, I’ll get back to some of those opinions in short while – I hope. Here, a brief summary in satirical fashion from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as an appetizer.



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