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Intriguing ‘Game’ Seen from Different Perspectives

Posted in Blog Entry in English, Tema: Kultur by yemenity2010 on 16/07/2013

It might seem like everyone is watching it. Obviously, it’s just a minority of the population on this planet. Still, if you get caught up in the machinations of ”Game of Thrones”, it might be difficult to leave… So, I couldn’t resist writing a few sentences myself and adding some comments from different perspectives about the HBO fantasy show. You can find it on one of my other forums, Cast Against Hype.

Some basic issues:

What are the core ingredients in most dramatical storytelling?

How do you create an interesting podcast about TV shows like this?

Is ”Game of Thrones” a great way of describing human history through metaphors and fictitious characters? One historian seems to think so.

Or is it, like one writer suggests, too grim for its own good?

Read more at Cast Against Hype.

There is also a version in Swedish available at Fair Slave Trade.

Somewhat related stuff: ”I’m a rebellious woman. I’m against traditions, stereotypes, and society rules that are imposed on us under no basis or logical ground.” Yemeni filmmaker Alaa Al-Eryani speaks up, interviewed by Yemen Times recently. Film producing, writing and human rights activism seem to be equally important to this up-and-coming talent, according to the newspaper.



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