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66 Aid Workers Killed Around the World in 2012

Posted in Blog Entry in English by yemenity2010 on 10/10/2013

Being an aid worker is not always completely safe. According to a new report there were 167 so called ‘major attacks’ on civilian aid operations around the world in 2012, resulting in 66 people killed, 115 wounded and 91 kidnapped. All in all, 272 aid workers were victims in some way of these kind of attacks. And that’s actually a decrease from the year before that, 2011, when 308 aid workers were affected in that respect. In 2012, 74 of them were shot and 64 ”were victims of explosives and heavy arms” according to the report. Nevertheless, kidnapping is the most common threat they face.

The upcoming Aid Worker Security Report is said to put an emphasis on kidnappings, a phenomenon that is believed to be more frequent than these numbers suggest. Sometimes they remain unreported and negotiations take place in secret. The country most plagued by kidnappings of aid workers is Afghanistan, followed by Pakistan, Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia. When it comes to violence against aid workers as a whole, Afghanistan is top of the list as well with 56 attacks. South Sudan, Syria, Somalia and Pakistan make the top five, but neither one comes really close to that number.

The report is published by Humanitarian Outcomes, a project supported by the governments in the US, Canada and Ireland. Here is a preview with a brief summary. The whole report will be available at Aidworkersecurity.

By the way: Education and specifically the fight for girls’ rights to be educated is what made Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai famous. That, and the price she has paid for her activism. Recently, she was interviewed by Jon Stewart at The Daily Show. The complete conversation can be found at Comedy Central’s official Daily Show page. Yousafzai’s own blog can be found here.

Somewhat related stuff, not entirely new but anyway. Are these the worst aid projects ever designed? Maybe not, but someone thought them worthy of being singled out anyway earlier this year. Matador Network mentions  rapper 50 Cent travelling in Somalia for the World Food Programme while simultaneously promoting his own brand of energy drink. Or Sam Childers, whose story was told in the film ”Machine Gun Preacher” (which I personally found fascinating on many levels), because his way of saving orphans AND taking up arms against terrorists could be considered, well, ”dangerous and insane” in the words of article author Richard Stupart.

Also, if you have time to spare, check out some of these maps, that supposedly could be helpful in understanding the world, published by Washington Post a few months ago.

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