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When Mexicans Go Dutch

Posted in Blog Entry in English, Tema: Latinamerika by yemenity2010 on 29/06/2014

Somewhere along the border. The one between the United States of America and the United States of Mexico. We’re south of the border, visiting my wife’s family after a few days in the metropolis known as Mexico City. More on that experience later, preferably accompanied by some pictures, which I haven’t gotten around to uploading so far.

Preview of possible coming attractions: we watched part of the World Cup game Mexico-Croatia the other day at the Zócalo, the grand plaza in the historic centre of the Mexican capital. Then we got to see joyful fans celebrating the victory at another historic monument, El angel de la indepencia. And when Mexicans celebrate, they celebrate…

Now, halfway through the game against Holland in the second round, spirits seem high as well, even though we’re not surrounded but thousands of fans this time… And it just got higher. Mexico just took the lead through a magnificent effort by Giovanni dos Santos. Which means, if this stands, the manager Sr Herrera might get a raise. Apparently he earns less than all his colleagues in this World Cup.

Apart from that, there are some nice surprises in this tournament. Colombia advancing to the quarterfinals for the first time by defeating Uruguay, who apparently lacked some bite, in the absence of the controversial attacker Luis Suárez, sent home after… well, you know the story. Costa Rica could do the same, if they do what every football fan in their right mind would want them to do; send the Greeks back home this afternoon. I mean, Greece? How did they get this far?

Still feeling sorry for Ecuador, who really lost their best chances of advancing in the last seconds in their opening game against the Swiss. Who, by the way, also deserves a ticket back home sooner rather than later. Algeria, another positive revelation. France, obviously in a completely different state than they’ve been in the last big championships. And more entertaining to watch than I remember seeing since… 1986, maybe?

Could the heat be affecting the Dutch more than the Mexicans? Topic raised in this household, in this border town where the heat is something you almost wear as a second skin this time of year. Fans and air conditioning help  you breath more easily indoors. Breathing, yes… It´s getting harder every minute here while the Dutch keep on trying to break the Mexican defences, not least the heroic goalkeeper Ochoa, who already made some legendary saves in this tournament.

…but even couldn’t save Mexico in the 87th minute. The Dutch are back in the game… And more than that, after being awarded a penalty, seemingly as a gift, two minutes into injury time. Dammit. So close and so far away, as they say. Whistle blows; Mexico 1. Holland 2. It doesn’t seem quite fair. And the deciding penalty executed by Huntelaar had a certain taste of compensation about it, since the Dutch had already complained about two possible penalties they didn’t receive. This last one, world class striker Arjen Robben really went down easily, right?

Should I take off my Mexican soccer sombrero now?

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