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Aztec Odyssé 2014 – Brief Introduction

Posted in Uncategorized by yemenity2010 on 24/08/2014

IMG_7463Yes, it’s been a while since I published anything on this particular page. Came back from vacations in Mexico in the end of July, started working again almost immediately and now and then I’m finding the time to sort through the material I gathered over there. I am planning to write a few lines now and then during the fall, focusing on different aspects of culture, commerce, tourist attractions and society as a whole in Mexico with some incursions into southern Texas. Ojalá. Now, here are a just a few previews.


Like the Pyramid of the Sun at the arqueological site of Teotihuacán, a once important city founded by, well, no one really seems to be sure of that, but for some reason it was abandoned before the rise of the powerful Aztec civilization that ruled the center of what is now Mexico, at the time of arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

staty-mante1Public art installations, or statues, or whatever you prefer to call them – they seem to be an integral part of most Mexican cities. And smaller towns (which in this country could mean everything from a few thousand to some 100 000 inhabitants or so). Mante, in the souther part of Tamaulipas state, has quite a few interesting examples of public monuments. Here’s one. In this case, it’s a symbol of something I haven’t figured out yet. But I am working on it…


And of course, as a Swede you can’t fail to notice the great cultural impact we have had on the world as a whole. Wherever you go, there’s got to be some proof of that. Or, as displayed here by my wife, culinary impact. As indicated by this exquisite gourmet product, found on the mily-pepparkakor1shelves at a well-known ‘here you can find almost anything’-store in the southern part of Texas. Swedish thins, or as we tend to label them: pepparkakor. Which literally means pepper cookies, even though they seldom contain pepper.


To Be Continued…




Note: I have already published a few other photos from Teotihuacán and Mante at The Dharma Derivative.

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