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Climate Control – A Killer Idea?

Posted in Blog Entry in English by yemenity2010 on 24/02/2015

Climate Control gets a new meaning in this case. Apparently, or possibly, some governments might think that it would not be such a bad idea to use the weather – as a weapon. At least, according to this recent report in The Guardian, the CIA could be considering messing a bit with Mother Nature to produce, or change weather patterns. Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or increasing the reflectivity of the earth are ways to do it. Now, that’s primarily aimed at dealing with climate change. But, it seems that thoughts of controlling the weather for military purposes are not completely new. Almost a century ago, the Brits were experimenting with ways to create artificial clouds, as a means to confuse enemy (read: German) airplanes. And the US military were into ‘wet jobs’ during the Vietnam War, such as increasing rainfall. Hm. What could possibly go wrong? Somewhere in Alaska there is apparently a secret facility dedicated to similar experiments. Or not? Conspiracy theories or credible ones and a legitimate concern for all of us? Who knows. It’s an intriguing topic, if nothing else…

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